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Rainbow Terra

Rainbow Professional

Kurzbeschreibung des Herstellers:

The Rainbow Terra is the only TUV certified soil biodegradable shelter solution for the protection of new planting. Made from 100% plant-based material, it is also safe in marine and freshwater environments.

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Angaben des Herstellers:

Firstly, the Rainbow Terra is currently the world’s only independently certified, SOIL BIODEGRADABLE tree shelter (Certificatzion number: TUV AUTRIA – TA80322707124). It can truly be left on the forest floor after its useful life without damging or littering its surrounding enviroment.

Secondly, , it is manufactured from 100% plant-based material (plant resin and wood). Thirdly, the Rainbow Terra is FSC certified (Certificate Reg: SA-COC-014391 License

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Angaben des Herstellers:


The Rainbow Terra is certified to biodegrade in soil, and also in freshwater and marine environments, taking away any concerns relating to the „plastic soup“. In this way, the Terra will biodegrade in any end-of-life environment it may end up in.


The Rainbow Terra is manufactured from FSC wood and plant-based material.


The Rainbow Terra has been tested to be 100% non-toxic.