Produkt 13

Vertex Laser GEO 2

Haglöf Sweden AB

Kurzbeschreibung des Herstellers:

With the release of the new VertexLaser GEO 2 at the KWF Expo in June 2024, we have implemented remote diameter capacity, that makes the VertexLaser GEO 2 a complete forest inventory solution.

Worin besteht der innovative Charakter des Produktes gegenüber dem bisherigen Stand der Technik? (Abgrenzung zu Mitbewerbern)

Angaben des Herstellers:

The existing model vertexLaser GEO is the only handhelld instrument that combines ultrasound and laser technique for distance measuring. The instrument has a bulit in tilt sensor, compass and GPS reiceiver. With the new model VertexLaser GEO 2 we have added more memory and processing capacity that will make more advanced calculations faster and simpler. The unit can be equipped with cusom software upon request and with the new diameter measuring function, it is a complete solution for forest inventory.

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Angaben des Herstellers:

When measuring heights, diameters can be measured and recorded. A diameter can be measured at a particular height or a height can be detemined for a fixed diameter.

The new GEO 2 can be used for management planning, national or urban inventories, when a diamter must be recorded at a certain height, impossible to reach manually.

When measuring an objekt/tree data such as diameter,  distance, bearring, heights nd width can be recorded along with oposition from a distance. Data is stored lacally and can directly be opened in MS Excel or kml file format or exported to any GIS application.